Pfizer vaccine Full FDA Approval paves the door to Texas vaccine requirements

The full approval of the Pfizer vaccine by the United States Food and Drug Administration means that Texas is in the unknown region of immunisation COVID-19.

fully approved Pfizer vaccine is being opened by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday in order to force its personnel to be COVID-19 vaccinated for Texas towns, counties and school districts – moves which were previously banned by Greg Abbott.

One of the main school districts has already implemented its strategy for teacher and staff immunizations.

The San António Independent School District Superintendent, Pedro Martinez, asked for obligatory vaccines for staff last week — a lawsuit filed by Ken Paxton, General Attorney, who charged the district and Martinez with violating Abbott’s prohibition of vaccine mandates.

However, with full FDA consent, school representatives in San Antonio are pressing through with their district staff immunisation requirements.

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